B A H j o u r n a l i s t

Brian Anthony Hernandez

References’ reviews

RON SMITH, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, features copy chief
“Brian impressed us with the quality and quantity of his edits. He has talent, a good attitude and a great mind; any paper would be lucky to have him. … He was particularly good at removing jargon in stories and making them accessible to our readers. … Brian has great instincts, and although he is good at spotting problems in stories, he is even better at offering solutions. These traits will carry him far in the industry.

LEE SHAPPELL, Arizona Republic, assistant news editor
“(Brian) is razor-sharp as a word editor.”

HUGH COX, Arizona Republic, senior copy editor
“Brian’s copy-editing skills are excellent, but most impressive are his eagerness and ability to continue to learn and improve.”

ANGELIQUE SOENARIE, Arizona Republic, business reporter
“Brian, a stellar wordsmith, can pen stories anytime, anywhere. More importantly, he is relentless at being accurate.”

JOE STARITA, University of Nebraska, journalism pike professor
“(Brian is) a hellaciously good editor. He can report the bejesus out of a story. He has a fine grasp and superb command of the language – which means he can muster a nice writer’s touch for a feature story, knock out an AP-perfect piece on deadline, pull together a well-reasoned and well-crafted editorial or shift gears and do a solid in-depth look at a complex issue. This is to say nothing of his snappy headlines, his adroit blogging skills and his overall command of the ethics and principles that govern our profession. … This guy is simply a bit of a freak. … We have had no student in recent memory who is as battle-tested and combat ready as Brian. To sum it up: There’s virtually no risk in making Brian a part of your staff. He can and has done almost everything a newsroom offers – and has done it exceedingly well. … He will provide one of the best returns on an investment you will ever make.”

ROYCE MARTIN, Arizona Republic, online platform manager
“Brian hit the ground running in January (2010). … His first few months saw some significant traffic growth for (Metromix Phoenix). He worked to create compelling packages for the site. In February, Metromix Phoenix ranked 2nd in the nation among (Metromix) affiliates. A tremendous start. … In the month of May, his work with his content coordinator garnered some huge successes. This includes more than 11 million page views in slide show traffic.”

SUE BURZYNSKI BULLARD, University of Nebraska, journalism associate professor
“(Brian) understands that today’s journalist needs to have many skills. He has not ignored online.”

MEGAN FINNERTY, Arizona Republic, nightlife and events editor
“Brian is a conscientious, thoughtful and incredibly hard working young man. He has clever ideas and implements them quickly – a total self-starter. He was responsive and calm in a work environment that was demanding and filled with constant “now” deadlines. And he has great taste in music.”

KELLIE HWANG, Arizona Republic, entertainment reporter
“Working with Brian Hernandez at the Arizona Republic was a great experience. He came into the position of online producer for our team rather quickly, and had to take on many responsibilities that would take most people weeks to learn. After a few days, he had everything running smoothly, and did everything with confidence and ease. Brian is incredibly diligent, and really pays attention to detail. He understands what our online demographic wants, and always thinks creatively and outside of the box when it comes to any project, even if it’s a simple one. Anytime I asked him for anything, whether it was making a quick correction on a caption, or putting together a last minute slide show to link with a story, he would always get on it right away, and go above and beyond what anyone expected. Brian will be sadly missed, and was a very important asset to our team, and to the paper.

KATIE STEINER, Daily Nebraskan, former managing editor
“In his first column as the Daily Nebraskan’s new editor in chief, (Brian) spoke of the 107 pairs of footsteps that came before him as editors of (the newspaper). Those footsteps include Jeff Zeleny, who covers Barack Obama for the New York Times, and 2006 graduate Jenna Johnson, who now works at the Washington Post. I am certain that someday, we will be able to add Brian to that list. … I’ve always been struck with how open he is, how he is always willing to listen to others’ ideas. … It is obvious Brian knows what he’s doing, and at the end of the day we know he will help us put out the best paper we can.”

JIM JOHNSON, Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star, news editor
“Based on my experience working with Brian, I would describe him as bright, creative, enthusiastic, fast learner, self-motivated and team player. … He is highly regarded by his former colleagues and supervisors.


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