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How a tweet landed me a job at Mashable

On Feb. 22, I will start a new job thanks to this tweet:

Vadim Lavrusik, the community manager and social strategist at Mashable, tweeted these job openings minutes before I had planned to end my work day on Dec. 29. Instead of leaving the office as intended, I stayed to complete the online applications and promptly submit them. For days, I anxiously waited for a reply, which I received on Jan. 13. Managing editor Sharon Feder requested I come in to interview and take editing tests. Three visits to Mashable’s headquarters later, Feder e-mailed me a job offer.

I’m thrilled to join the Mashable team as the online publication’s copy editor. I also will occasionally contribute stories to its Business & Marketing section and help with social media initiatives.

From Mashable’s About Us page: “Founded in 2005, Mashable is the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture. With more than 40 million monthly pageviews, Mashable is the most prolific news site reporting breaking web news, providing analysis of trends, reviewing new websites and services, and offering social media resources and guides. Mashable’s audience includes early adopters, social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and corporations, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, Web 2.0 aficionados and technology journalists. Mashable is also popular with bloggers, Twitter and Facebook users — an increasingly influential demographic.”


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2010 B2B Twitterer of the Year in business journalism is @BAHjournalist

A panel of business professionals recently named me 2010’s B2B Twitterer of the Year in business journalism, a category in which I edged out awesome reporters from New York Times, Washington Post, BusinessWeek, CNN, Fox News, USAToday, Forbes, CNET, Fortune, Financial Times and Enterprise, among other media outlets.

“This award reinforces not only Brian’s thorough understanding and use of this increasingly important and powerful medium, but places him as the foremost expert in the category,” said my editor, Robert Roy Britt, in a press release.

I’ll be getting this cute award in the mail soon. Fun stuff. –>

In a Q&A with eMedia Vitals regarding the award, I offer advice on creating effective tweets.

Read the Q&A titled B2B Twitter tips from an award-winning Twitterer to learn why and how I use Twitter.

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I’m on the radio ► San Francisco station interviews me about my story

Michael Finney, host of Consumer Talk on KGO Newstalk 810 in San Francisco, interviewed me on Saturday night about this story I wrote earlier this month: “Money can’t buy love, but it may buy friends.”

Listen to our live 5-minute discussion here or click on the image on the left. My segment begins at 42:38 and ends at 47:40.

I unexpectedly said “you know” several times. The phrase must be a verbal tic because I don’t use that phrase in my everyday conversations. Despite those tics, Finney said at the end of the segment that I’m welcome back on the show anytime.

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I’m on video ► ‘Restaurant urges eating and tweeting’

Click on the picture to see me talking about 4Food, a new burger joint in New York City. Credit: Reuters video

On Friday, Emmy-nominated show producer, anchor and reporter Carmen Roberts interviewed me for a story about 4Food, a new NYC restaurant that combines America’s fascination with social media with America’s obsession with healthy eating.

The tech-savvy burger joint opens in September, but I got a sneak peek of the location and food because I follow the @4FoodNYC on Twitter and responded to the profile’s request for volunteer eaters.

Click on the picture or here to watch the video in which you’ll listen to me briefly talk (I sound as though I’m 12) and see me order, explore and eat.

The video gives you the gist of the restaurant, but here’s a summary of my cool 4Food adventure, which was unlike any dining experience I’ve ever had:

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Guest blog | ‘Al Roker! I wanna rub your head!’

“Al! Al Roker! Al Roker I want to rub your head!”  Yes, I yelled that to the NBC broadcaster.

Guest blogger Katherine Greene

My friend Katherine Greene explains why here in an awesome guest blog titled “The story of how I didn’t see Ke$ha perform on ‘The Today Show'” The next two paragraphs are excerpts from her blog. Click on read more to view the blog in its entirety.

“Here’s something they don’t tell you about the Today Show: while you sit enraptured by the interrogation skills of the beautiful reporters questioning today’s newsmakers (Lindsay Lohan’s mom, anyone?), the crowd outside is just waiting. It’s no wonder, then, that when the TV personalities come outside, everyone cheers – it’s the only thing they’ve had to do all this hot morning long.

“It’s what happened to Brian. … The crew came out. ‘Al! Al Roker! Al Roker I want to rub your head!’ Brian screamed over the din as America’s most recognizable weatherman headed to a platform above the crowd to do his segment.” Continue reading

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First night out in New York

From left: me, We Are Country Mice lead singer/guitarist Jason Rueger, Kat Greene and Steve Corcoran.

“Let’s make music more than just notes,” proposed Kurt Kuehn, drummer of We Are Country Mice, after his show in the Cake Shop‘s dim basement lit only by Christmas lights, fading bulbs and the glow of cell-phone screens.

Not knowing how to reply, I looked at Kat Greene, a Wall Street Journal reporter I’m staying with this week, who zealously responded, “Let’s make it … life.” Kurt raised his eyebrows. “I like you guys already,” he said.

So began our adventure Wednesday with the Brooklyn-based band on a “night” that ended for us when the sun began to rise the next morning. Before watching We Are Country Mice play live and hanging out with the band’s four musicians afterward, Kat and I had walked across the Williamsburg Bridge to eat dinner at the Meatball Shop. Spicy balls. Yum.

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What stood out on my trip to New York? The People

The teenage girl wearing a hijab and thobe sneaked by me as I shivered inside New York’s Port Authority this morning.

Our eyes, however, met precisely when she wrapped her tiny fingers around the handle of my carry-on suitcase, and the calm expression on her face surprised me. She had tried to steal my luggage so nonchalantly that – in confusion – I had almost let her.

Of all the ways I had imagined my possessions getting stolen, this was not one. The wannabe thief didn’t hit or shoot me. She didn’t run away with items in tow. Rather, the nameless girl looked at me like a person trying to induce hypnosis: with peaceful intent. Exhausted from sitting on buses for more than 1,400 miles, I whispered, “That’s mine.” We briefly argued. Observers, who had seen me walk into the station with the suitcase, came to my defense.  She walked away, staring at me until closing elevator doors broke our gaze.

From Lincoln, Neb., where I began my bus trip Monday night, to Brooklyn, N.Y., where the journey ended today, I interacted with and observed the behaviors of people I thought could be supporting characters found in books on The New York Times best-seller list. The nameless girl was just one of many strangers that made The People the most fascinating part of my trip. Other standouts:

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