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Brian Anthony Hernandez

2010 B2B Twitterer of the Year in business journalism is @BAHjournalist

A panel of business professionals recently named me 2010’s B2B Twitterer of the Year in business journalism, a category in which I edged out awesome reporters from New York Times, Washington Post, BusinessWeek, CNN, Fox News, USAToday, Forbes, CNET, Fortune, Financial Times and Enterprise, among other media outlets.

“This award reinforces not only Brian’s thorough understanding and use of this increasingly important and powerful medium, but places him as the foremost expert in the category,” said my editor, Robert Roy Britt, in a press release.

I’ll be getting this cute award in the mail soon. Fun stuff. –>

In a Q&A with eMedia Vitals regarding the award, I offer advice on creating effective tweets.

Read the Q&A titled B2B Twitter tips from an award-winning Twitterer to learn why and how I use Twitter.


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My first attempt at Storify, a new storytelling tool incorporating social media

On Tuesday, I tested Storify by writing a quick article about the public’s reactions to Facebook’s new messaging system.

Storify’s description of its tool: “You search multiple social networks from one place, and then drag individual elements into your story. You can re-order the elements and also add text to give context to your readers.”

Click here or on the image to the left to read my article.

Originally, I was going to embed the article on the online publication I work for called BusinessNewsDaily.com; however, my editors and I decided to hold off until further testing and discussion.

What do you think of this storytelling method? Send comments to Hernandez.BrianAnthony@gmail.com

Media outlets across the nation have given Storify a shot. My former colleagues at The Arizona Republic are using the tool, too. Here’s an example from them: “Top Celebrity News from Suzanne Condie Lambert.”

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I’m on the radio ► San Francisco station interviews me about my story

Michael Finney, host of Consumer Talk on KGO Newstalk 810 in San Francisco, interviewed me on Saturday night about this story I wrote earlier this month: “Money can’t buy love, but it may buy friends.”

Listen to our live 5-minute discussion here or click on the image on the left. My segment begins at 42:38 and ends at 47:40.

I unexpectedly said “you know” several times. The phrase must be a verbal tic because I don’t use that phrase in my everyday conversations. Despite those tics, Finney said at the end of the segment that I’m welcome back on the show anytime.

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My article was the main story on a global news publication’s business page

This is a screen shot of Christian Science Monitor's business page on Thursday. That's my story on the left.

The Christian Science Monitor, an international news publication that reaches millions of readers each month, ran one of my articles as its main story on its business page on Thursday: “Best country for entrepreneurs? Hint: Not the US.” This is my first syndicated story as a business reporter in NYC.

My articles typically appear on BusinessNewDaily.com, but major online publications can publish them, too, using a process called syndication. A digest in Europe and several blogs also used my story.

It’s important for my stories to get syndicated in order for the content to reach more readers and to attract more people to my company’s website, which has a narrower audience because we focus on stories about small businesses and startups. Click here to see our staff biographies and our publication’s mission, which were posted this week.

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7 journalists discuss their confidence in newspapers and journalism

Gallup survey results break down Americans' confidence in newspapers by age groups. Credit: Gallup

I recently tweeted this:

“GRAPHS & STATS | Age group with most confidence in #newspapers: 18- to 29-year-olds ► http://bit.ly/aUPctG Scroll down to see data in table.”

The Gallup survey results compelled me to analyze my confidence and prod my journalism friends about theirs. So, I asked them, “Why are we and why should we be confident in newspapers? Or why are we not confident? And beyond newspapers, why are we confident in journalism, including online media?”

Below, six friends – reporters, copy editors, designers from across the country – and I answer these questions as journalists and consumers of news in the 18- to 29-year-old age group.


► “Despite all the prognosticators who say newspapers will die, I see in the explosion of online media just the opposite. So many of these places are aggregators of news that first appeared in newspapers. Without newspapers, online news sites and blogs would lack the oxygen to feed their attention-grabbing and occasionally profitable enterprises.”

► “To be frank, my confidence in newspapers is dwindling. I felt proud of myself in October to have found a job in a ‘dying’ industry. Now I just feel defeated.”

► “I like to believe that if we presented ourselves as the flawed, accessible humans that we are, people would trust us more, because they’d know where we’re coming from.”


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Guest blog | Journalists, rekindle your romance with writing

My friend Laura Chapman, who is a communication specialist in Texas, operates a blog about writing.

Guest blogger Laura Chapman

In this guest blog, she discusses mending her broken relationship with words and challenges journalists everywhere to rediscover the joys of writing – even at work. The next two paragraphs are excerpts from her guest blog.

“All too often I find myself writing to a formula or template. … It’s worked for me these past two years. Somewhere along the way, I fell out of love with writing. While I do not necessarily look forward to the articles I have to write for work, I have tried to be a little more creative, even if I can not push it too far. I have also put more time into writing for myself, both in my journal and in my personal special projects.

“As journalists, so often we focus on getting the facts and less on how we will present them. While the first part is certainly important, I challenge you to try something new with your writing, and rekindle the romance.” Continue reading

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Mission accomplished – I’m living and working in NYC

In June, I left my job in Phoenix to fulfill two life goals:

1) Live in New York City. I moved to Brooklyn on Aug. 14.
2) Work in NYC. Today at 12:07 p.m., I accepted a job offer.

Starting Aug. 25, I’m a full-time business reporter for TechMediaNetwork’s BusinessNewsDaily.com. My editor, Robert Roy Britt, also oversees the company’s other major websites such as SPACE.com, LiveScience, TechNewsDaily and Newsarama. Basically, according to TechMediaNetwork, the company “is a network of world-renowned technology and entertainment sites.” BND, the online publication I’m working for, launched this month. My reporting will focus on small businesses and startups. I also will contribute to the site’s social-media efforts and will be allowed to write for the other TechMediaNetwork publications.

My office on Park Avenue and 31st Street in Midtown is a few blocks away from the Empire State Building, Bryant Park, Times Square, Herald Square, Fashion District and Museum of Sex, among other notable places. Continue reading

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Friend responds to my questions about newspapers on his blog

Alex Dalenberg, a reporter friend in Arizona, wrote about his confidence in newspapers on his blog after I had asked him and others, “As 18- to 29-year-old journalists and as consumers of news, why are we and why should we be confident in newspapers? Or why are we not confident? And beyond newspapers, why are we confident in journalism, including online media?” Read more responses to these questions in a blog post I write tomorrow. I had asked these questions after reading these Gallup survey results. Read Alex’s post, “Are we confident in newspapers?”

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Reuniting with New York Times SJI friends

I had brunch Sunday with four friends I hadn’t seen since July 2008 at a journalism conference in Chicago or since January 2008 when we first met in Tucson, Ariz., during The New York Times Student Journalism Institute, a two-week program that brought together 20 students and professional journalists from Times Company papers.

Rick Rojas, Yolanne Almanzar, Marlene Peralta Cortes and Mariana Minaya hang out in Little Italy.

I had kept tabs on their adventures after the Institute, which functioned as a working newsroom, but I recently lost touch with some of them.

During brunch at Essex Restaurant in NYC’s lower east side, I learned about the latest exploits of these four: Rick Rojas reports for The Washington Post and moves soon to The Los Angeles Times; Yolanne Almanzar attends Columbia University as a graduate student; Marlene Peralta Cortes works for CUNY TV in New York; and Mariana Minaya attends law school in Baltimore.

I’m fascinated with the different directions the five of us have chosen, and I wonder what the other NYTSJI folks are doing now. Help me fill in the blanks. If you know what the people listed here are doing, please post a message and I’ll update this blog post.

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Top 10 Information Web sites for Phoenix

AZcentral.com and Phoenix.Metromix.com – two sites I help produce – made Phoenix.org’s list of  “Top Ten Information Web sites for Phoenix.”

Kudos to Phoenix.org for directing the public to useful information portals. An informed public makes me smile.

Photo credit: Phoenix.org

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My mentor in college launches Washington Post blog

Washington Post education reporter Jenna Johnson, who was my Honors Program mentor and journalism role model when we were students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, “introduces you to ambitious student leaders, journalists, activists, interns and newsmakers from colleges across the country” in Campus Overload. The blog launched Jan. 21.

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Connect with me on LinkedIn

I just joined LinkedIn: Click here to see my profile and to connect with me.

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Arizona Republic launches new nightlife page

Check out our new nightlife page –> http://www.azcentral.com/thingstodo/bars/ Bookmark it!

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Update on my life: New York Times and more

Hey, gang:

As promised to many of you, here’s an update on my life. I’m moving to Phoenix because I got a gig at The Arizona Republic, the 10th most circulated newspaper in the nation. Starting June 8, I’ll be reporting and editing my ass off in the sweltering heat. I can’t wait.

You have all been instrumental in my social life, but I’ve really dropped the ball on keeping you up to date with my career aspirations and what I’ve done to attain my goals.

To remedy that, here’s a breakdown of my adventures in journalism, the experiences that led me to my new gig. Since 2004, it’s been a wild ride working for The New York Times Company, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Des Moines Register, Lincoln Journal Star, Daily Nebraskan and Scottsbluff Star-Herald and hanging out at the Jschool and journalism conferences across the country.

To keep this semi-short, we’ll just look back at what’s happened since January 2008. I dipped my feet in many areas of journalism since then such as working on multiple New York Times projects, interning as a reporter for The Cleveland Plain Dealer and serving as editor at The Daily Nebraskan, the independent student newspaper at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Below are the highlights of those rewarding experiences:

New York Times projects, spring and fall 2008

1) Nineteen other college newspaper editors and I blogged live for The Times’ political blog “The Caucus” during two presidential debates, one vice-presidential debate and on Election Night. This was a golden opportunity for me to sink my teeth into a national, large-scale form of new media. On Election Night, for example, I wrote four postings about Nebraska’s affirmative action ban results, senatorial candidate Scott Kleeb’s campaign blunder and my voting experience.

2) Last year, The Times’ Chicago bureau placed me on its list of Midwest stringers to help report on issues and events in eastern Nebraska.

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New photojournalism blog at NYTimes.com

Hey, photo friends:

The New York Times launched a new photojournalism blog today fittingly titled “Lens.”

About Lens:
“Lens is the photojournalism blog of The New York Times, presenting the finest and most interesting visual and multimedia reporting — photographs, videos and slide shows. Continue reading

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Funny shit journalists say

I’ve compiled a list of hilarious quotations I’ve heard journalists say. Enjoy!

John S., copy editor in Milwaukee
“Wow. This seems like a bigger story than a brief: Christ, who was wearing a helmet, was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Michael Bruntz, 2004-2005 Daily Nebraskan sports editor, wondering why copy editing has become so competitive
“I’d rather be the guy who walks behind the elephant and shovels up his shit for 45 years of my life than be a copy editor.”

Alex Haueter
Me: “I always wanted to use the word ‘bonerific’ in a headline.”
Alex: “You mean like “Maria Sharapova bonerific in straight-set win’?”

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Damn good ‘Future of Newspapers’ speech

Here’s an excerpt from a DAMN good speech my boss (Susan Goldberg, editor-in-chief at the Cleveland Plain Dealer) gave in December:

“Yes, these are tough times. Yes, our market has fractured, and the business model for the traditional metropolitan newspaper is irreparably broken. We have to get from where we are now – where the diminishing paper product pays all the bills – to where we need to be: A world in which the growing online product can support a robust newsgathering staff.

“Many of my middle-aged colleagues look at this state of affairs and conclude that our best days are behind us..

“I think only the easy days are behind us. I believe the future for journalism and its place in our society holds great promise, and as much opportunity as ever to make a difference in our troubled world.
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New York Times journalist responds to my blog

Merrill Perlman, director of copy desks at The New York Times, commented on a blog I wrote in January about copy editing. I’ve listened to her speak at conferences, and I love how she responded to what I had to say in my blog. Pasted below is her comment and my blog posting.

Here’s what she said:

As my first editing teacher said, near as I can recall: As a reporter, you may have one, two or three stories in that day’s paper. As a copy editor, you may have a dozen. It’s your headline that lures the reader in to the story; without copy editors, reporters’ work is unread.
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