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Update on my life: New York Times and more

Hey, gang:

As promised to many of you, here’s an update on my life. I’m moving to Phoenix because I got a gig at The Arizona Republic, the 10th most circulated newspaper in the nation. Starting June 8, I’ll be reporting and editing my ass off in the sweltering heat. I can’t wait.

You have all been instrumental in my social life, but I’ve really dropped the ball on keeping you up to date with my career aspirations and what I’ve done to attain my goals.

To remedy that, here’s a breakdown of my adventures in journalism, the experiences that led me to my new gig. Since 2004, it’s been a wild ride working for The New York Times Company, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Des Moines Register, Lincoln Journal Star, Daily Nebraskan and Scottsbluff Star-Herald and hanging out at the Jschool and journalism conferences across the country.

To keep this semi-short, we’ll just look back at what’s happened since January 2008. I dipped my feet in many areas of journalism since then such as working on multiple New York Times projects, interning as a reporter for The Cleveland Plain Dealer and serving as editor at The Daily Nebraskan, the independent student newspaper at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Below are the highlights of those rewarding experiences:

New York Times projects, spring and fall 2008

1) Nineteen other college newspaper editors and I blogged live for The Times’ political blog “The Caucus” during two presidential debates, one vice-presidential debate and on Election Night. This was a golden opportunity for me to sink my teeth into a national, large-scale form of new media. On Election Night, for example, I wrote four postings about Nebraska’s affirmative action ban results, senatorial candidate Scott Kleeb’s campaign blunder and my voting experience.

2) Last year, The Times’ Chicago bureau placed me on its list of Midwest stringers to help report on issues and events in eastern Nebraska.

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Damn good ‘Future of Newspapers’ speech

Here’s an excerpt from a DAMN good speech my boss (Susan Goldberg, editor-in-chief at the Cleveland Plain Dealer) gave in December:

“Yes, these are tough times. Yes, our market has fractured, and the business model for the traditional metropolitan newspaper is irreparably broken. We have to get from where we are now – where the diminishing paper product pays all the bills – to where we need to be: A world in which the growing online product can support a robust newsgathering staff.

“Many of my middle-aged colleagues look at this state of affairs and conclude that our best days are behind us..

“I think only the easy days are behind us. I believe the future for journalism and its place in our society holds great promise, and as much opportunity as ever to make a difference in our troubled world.
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