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I’m on video ► ‘Restaurant urges eating and tweeting’

Click on the picture to see me talking about 4Food, a new burger joint in New York City. Credit: Reuters video

On Friday, Emmy-nominated show producer, anchor and reporter Carmen Roberts interviewed me for a story about 4Food, a new NYC restaurant that combines America’s fascination with social media with America’s obsession with healthy eating.

The tech-savvy burger joint opens in September, but I got a sneak peek of the location and food because I follow the @4FoodNYC on Twitter and responded to the profile’s request for volunteer eaters.

Click on the picture or here to watch the video in which you’ll listen to me briefly talk (I sound as though I’m 12) and see me order, explore and eat.

The video gives you the gist of the restaurant, but here’s a summary of my cool 4Food adventure, which was unlike any dining experience I’ve ever had:

Social Media | Using Foursquare, I checked into 4Food when I walked in. Seconds later, my picture appeared on a wall (you can see me looking at the wall in the above picture), which showcases Foursquare check-ins with your account’s profile picture. The wall also highlights Twitter mentions, so while you eat, you can tell other customers or people waiting in line whether you recommend what you ordered.

My order: Salmon skewers with avocado and chili mango, side salad and mango chai bubble tea.

Technology | An employee took my order using an iPad. Shoulder to shoulder, she created my 4Food profile and showed me how to build a custom burger and skewer. 4Food e-mailed me a receipt of my order within minutes. The receipt included the price and nutritional statistics of my food.

Food | I ordered salmon skewers with a scoop of avocado and chili mango and a side salad of spinach, radicchio lettuce, white wine vinegar, toasted sesame seeds, sesame oil and carrots, yellow carrots, kohlrabi, enoki mushrooms and edamame beans. For a drink, I got a mango chai bubble tea.

How can you get involved if you don’t live in NYC? | You can build a burger online here and then I can try your creation for you. Whenever I or someone else orders your burger, you get a 25 cent store credit, which means you can build enough credit to get a free meal next time you visit me in NYC.


August 23, 2010 - Posted by | New York, Personal

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