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7 journalists discuss their confidence in newspapers and journalism

Gallup survey results break down Americans' confidence in newspapers by age groups. Credit: Gallup

I recently tweeted this:

“GRAPHS & STATS | Age group with most confidence in #newspapers: 18- to 29-year-olds ► http://bit.ly/aUPctG Scroll down to see data in table.”

The Gallup survey results compelled me to analyze my confidence and prod my journalism friends about theirs. So, I asked them, “Why are we and why should we be confident in newspapers? Or why are we not confident? And beyond newspapers, why are we confident in journalism, including online media?”

Below, six friends – reporters, copy editors, designers from across the country – and I answer these questions as journalists and consumers of news in the 18- to 29-year-old age group.


► “Despite all the prognosticators who say newspapers will die, I see in the explosion of online media just the opposite. So many of these places are aggregators of news that first appeared in newspapers. Without newspapers, online news sites and blogs would lack the oxygen to feed their attention-grabbing and occasionally profitable enterprises.”

► “To be frank, my confidence in newspapers is dwindling. I felt proud of myself in October to have found a job in a ‘dying’ industry. Now I just feel defeated.”

► “I like to believe that if we presented ourselves as the flawed, accessible humans that we are, people would trust us more, because they’d know where we’re coming from.”


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Guest blog | Journalists, rekindle your romance with writing

My friend Laura Chapman, who is a communication specialist in Texas, operates a blog about writing.

Guest blogger Laura Chapman

In this guest blog, she discusses mending her broken relationship with words and challenges journalists everywhere to rediscover the joys of writing – even at work. The next two paragraphs are excerpts from her guest blog.

“All too often I find myself writing to a formula or template. … It’s worked for me these past two years. Somewhere along the way, I fell out of love with writing. While I do not necessarily look forward to the articles I have to write for work, I have tried to be a little more creative, even if I can not push it too far. I have also put more time into writing for myself, both in my journal and in my personal special projects.

“As journalists, so often we focus on getting the facts and less on how we will present them. While the first part is certainly important, I challenge you to try something new with your writing, and rekindle the romance.” Continue reading

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