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Brian Anthony Hernandez

Mission accomplished – I’m living and working in NYC

In June, I left my job in Phoenix to fulfill two life goals:

1) Live in New York City. I moved to Brooklyn on Aug. 14.
2) Work in NYC. Today at 12:07 p.m., I accepted a job offer.

Starting Aug. 25, I’m a full-time business reporter for TechMediaNetwork’s BusinessNewsDaily.com. My editor, Robert Roy Britt, also oversees the company’s other major websites such as SPACE.com, LiveScience, TechNewsDaily and Newsarama. Basically, according to TechMediaNetwork, the company “is a network of world-renowned technology and entertainment sites.” BND, the online publication I’m working for, launched this month. My reporting will focus on small businesses and startups. I also will contribute to the site’s social-media efforts and will be allowed to write for the other TechMediaNetwork publications.

My office on Park Avenue and 31st Street in Midtown is a few blocks away from the Empire State Building, Bryant Park, Times Square, Herald Square, Fashion District and Museum of Sex, among other notable places. Continue reading


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Guest blog | ‘Al Roker! I wanna rub your head!’

“Al! Al Roker! Al Roker I want to rub your head!”  Yes, I yelled that to the NBC broadcaster.

Guest blogger Katherine Greene

My friend Katherine Greene explains why here in an awesome guest blog titled “The story of how I didn’t see Ke$ha perform on ‘The Today Show'” The next two paragraphs are excerpts from her blog. Click on read more to view the blog in its entirety.

“Here’s something they don’t tell you about the Today Show: while you sit enraptured by the interrogation skills of the beautiful reporters questioning today’s newsmakers (Lindsay Lohan’s mom, anyone?), the crowd outside is just waiting. It’s no wonder, then, that when the TV personalities come outside, everyone cheers – it’s the only thing they’ve had to do all this hot morning long.

“It’s what happened to Brian. … The crew came out. ‘Al! Al Roker! Al Roker I want to rub your head!’ Brian screamed over the din as America’s most recognizable weatherman headed to a platform above the crowd to do his segment.” Continue reading

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