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Brian Anthony Hernandez

Meet my new roommate in O, the Oprah Magazine

Credit: Oprah Magazine

I moved to the southern end of Sunset Park in Brooklyn on Saturday. My first apartment in NYC is off the N train near 59th Street, and my first roommate, Britnee Foreman, is a marketing major from Baylor University.

“Turn to page 214,” Britnee said nonchalantly Saturday night as she tossed me the September issue of O, the Oprah Magazine.

I did and saw a two-page spread devoted to her in a 12-page article called “Hire Power,” in which Britnee and three other women – who want to land dream jobs – get help from career coaches, fashion experts, hairstylists and makeup artists.

“My roommate’s a celebrity,” I exclaimed.

Aside from revamping Britnee’s look, the O squad redesigned her resume.

Britnee wants to break into the music industry by earning an entry-level position in artist management.

“I don’t require a huge salary,” Britnee told O. ” I just want to love what I do!”

If you or someone you know can help Britnee attain her goal, message me and I’ll pass along the information.


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