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Brian Anthony Hernandez

When comic gold lands in your inbox … you go see Ke$ha

I like NBC broadcaster Al Roker as much as pop star Ke$ha likes “your beard.” Today, I saw both of those entertainers at Studio 1A in New York City during a taping of “The Today Show.”

However, my favorite part of my “Today” experience was this e-mail I received yesterday from my friend Kat Greene:

“Tomorrow, sure to go down as the best day in our (relatively) young lives, we see Ke$ha. In order to wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy, I was thinking we should have a sleepover. Come over sometime tonight. … In the morning (circa 4:30?) let’s … get pumped up for the auto-tuned spoken-word musical treat our ears are about to experience. Then, we can head in to the island early so we have a good spot to watch the show.

“If you are thinking about backing out, I think you need to really assess where your life is going. How could you live with yourself? Imagine yourself as an older man or woman, wrinkly, unattractive, abjectly poor, looking back at your long sad life filled with regret that all of this could have been turned around, if only you’d gone to see the early-morning Ke$ha concert at Rockefeller Center that one Friday before work. Don’t do this to yourself. Think about your future!”


August 13, 2010 - Posted by | Personal

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