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Brian Anthony Hernandez

First night out in New York

From left: me, We Are Country Mice lead singer/guitarist Jason Rueger, Kat Greene and Steve Corcoran.

“Let’s make music more than just notes,” proposed Kurt Kuehn, drummer of We Are Country Mice, after his show in the Cake Shop‘s dim basement lit only by Christmas lights, fading bulbs and the glow of cell-phone screens.

Not knowing how to reply, I looked at Kat Greene, a Wall Street Journal reporter I’m staying with this week, who zealously responded, “Let’s make it … life.” Kurt raised his eyebrows. “I like you guys already,” he said.

So began our adventure Wednesday with the Brooklyn-based band on a “night” that ended for us when the sun began to rise the next morning. Before watching We Are Country Mice play live and hanging out with the band’s four musicians afterward, Kat and I had walked across the Williamsburg Bridge to eat dinner at the Meatball Shop. Spicy balls. Yum.

Kat’s friend Steve Corcoran had invited her to the show, where he was recording audio. Maybe he captured me singing along to “Sign of the Times,” the band’s catchy tune that turned into a singalong when lead singer/guitarist Jason Rueger reached the bridge. Thumbs up to the band’s music for making me feel comfortable. Minutes earlier, I had had a bad feeling about the window-less basement. “This place reminds me of those places you hear about on the news that catch on fire and no one escapes,” I told Kat, only half-jokingly.

Regardless of my minute fear, we stayed. We drank. And then Kat, Steve and I hopped into the band’s van, where we watched “Jurassic Park” while Steve’s roommate Bill Antonucci documented the rowdy trip from the backseat with his camera until we got to our next drinking destination: K&M. There, I chatted with guitarist Ben Bullington and bassist Mike Feldman about their coast-to-coast tour that starts next month. Great guys. Then, just like that, I heard my first 4 a.m. “last call!” I wished them well.

We returned to Kat’s place shortly before 5 a.m., at which time I passed out while sitting on my suitcase and Kat fell asleep with her face planted on her keyboard. She woke up a few hours later with marks on her face. I woke up next to a cat named Jones on an air mattress. Good times.


July 29, 2010 - Posted by | New York, Personal

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