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Brian Anthony Hernandez

The (early) gift of Gaga

My Phoenix friends rock. This is why:

Bladder full from guzzling blond sangria and hands sticky from dining on a lobster sandwich last night at Switch in uptown Phoenix, I silently excused myself from the patio table to remedy both discomforts.

A hush swept over the table minutes later when I approached my friends after my bathroom break.

My gaze settled on what I initially thought was a blank folded paper on my chair.

A map of US Airways Center fell out of the open end as I picked it up to examine. My name and an arrow pointed to section 202. Lady Gaga’s name and an arrow pointed to the stage, signifying what I would be doing on July 31, six days after my 24th birthday: watching the new queen of pop in concert.

My external reaction didn’t match my internal one. Outside, as if Gaga demanded I show her my teeth, I smiled. Inside, I felt hot like Mexico (rejoice! … Awleh, Alejandro) and then read what was written on the card.

“Happy GA-GA Day!! Since you are so awesome to all of us, we wanted to be awesome to you. So happy early birthday & enjoy the love of your life – LADY Ga-Ga,” read the note signed by “Your Phoenix BFF’s Megan, Paige, Marette, Danielle & Tyler.”

Thanks, gang!


April 8, 2010 - Posted by | Personal

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  1. Super cute!

    Comment by Perri Collins | April 13, 2010 | Reply

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